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Nevares is the private 'boondoggle' of Parres, assures United Cattlemen

The cattlemen association challenges the Parres government to participate in a public debate about the most advisable urban planning model for the Council

La Nueva España
LLames de Parres /
Saturday, June 6, 2009

The association of Ganaderos Unidos (United Livestock Association) said yesterday that the Council has its own 'Petromocho', ie, 'boondoggle', in its Palácio de Nevares urban development project. The association noted that the economic situation of the project promoters - now under bankruptcy protection procedures - is "..very opportune in supporting common sense, that the Parres Municipal Corporation for five years, against 'the wind and tide', has been supporting an insolvent company. The Palácio de Nevares, S.L. was trying to construct 200 houses, a de luxe hotel and a golf course on the 36 hectare Palácio estate.

Ganaderos Unidos sent a challenge to the Parres governing council of all parties, PSOE,

PP and IU: to have an open public debate about the most advisable urban planning model for Parres.

The livestock association criticized the Parres ruling council, who in February unanimously adopted a new Urban Plan (PGOU), but were forced three months later to suspend it in view of the many errors in the document, and the flood of nearly 2,000 appeals filed against it, which numbers more than half the voters in Parres.

The group questioned the "integrity" and "credibility" of the Parres municipal corporation, having passed the Urban Plan despite adverse reports of the Council's own legal and technical services. According to Ganaderos Unidos, the proposed urban plan restricts the building of houses in land classified as ''rural' (interés agrario), with the possibility of losing legal house registration once the farm or livestock are no longer linked to the house by the original occupant. Moreover, the proposed PGOU designates almost all the lands adjacent to the Sella and Piloña rivers as flood plains (disregarding historical evidence), leaving virtually no chance of building in these zones. United Ganaderos contrasts PGOU proposals with the Palácio de Nevares agreement, which is also challenged by council technicians and lawyers, along with the construction site itself. The farmers consider the proposed plan "serious discrimination".